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In the UK is a brand new website and platform that is helping to Co Promote a range of ticketed events from all around the UK. The main ticketing platform that is promoted is Fatsoma due to the great partnership that we have formed with them through our initial site EventsnWales and the great impact and way that we have been able to promote even more events in Wales through it.

Below are Co Promoted events in the UK that are combined from all the regional areas if you want to check out a specific area please visit the dedicated page from the menu.

How you can get your event listed on our website?

Well if you have an event that that you are looking to sell online tickets for first sign up for an account with Fatsoma they charge a flat rate fee of 10% per ticket sold. Which can either be incorporated yourself or passed on to the purchaser. Then when you have your account and listed your event if we haven’t already been in touch to request Co Promotion you can request to list it on any of the regional fatsoma pages which are all linked on the regional pages of this website. We usually agree a 10% Co Promotion fee but this can vary for Charity events and other types. When this is accepted by both parties your event will automatically show on the regional page and also filter on the home page of the website (Wales not filtering at the moment but will soon but does also show on EventsnWales Co Promotion). It will also be promoted via various Social Media streams and Email marketing. We look forward to helping you promote your events.

To keep up to date on what events are being promoted follow our social media accounts below

Indie Week Europe #IWEU2016

So its that time of year again when the Indie Week Europe hits the UK and it's home since it's move from Ireland, which it had great success for 6 years before moving to Manchester in 2015. What is Indie Week Europe? Indie week Europe was born after the successful...

Dusty Pop Entertainment

Dusty Pop Entertainment are just one of the great Promotion companies and Venues that In the UK are lucky to be working with from within the UK to help co-promote a range of events, workshops, Live Music and much more and promote these to the general public and wider...

Bournemouth Freshers Events 2016

We have teamed up with the Bournemouth Freshers 2016 to help co promote all ticketed nights out that are being brought to you by the Bournemouth Freshers. This includes the sales of the great Value for Money and Selling Fast Bournemouth Freshers Wristband...