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In The UK, is brought to you by Taking the Strain, owners of EventsnWales. We launched EventsnWales in March 2015, which is a little different from In The UK, but through it’s development it created the inspiration to Start In The UK. Over time we have built up a growing partnership with Fatsoma, through this we are able to help promote even more events in Wales. After considering the options we wanted to role this out UK wide and in doing so In The UK was created.

We hope to help Co Promote a range of events through out the UK, targeting the regional aspect as well as bringing all the regional events and combining them on the main home page to combine the events that we are Co Promoting through out the UK.
We promote the events via our website, Various forms of Social Media and email marketing as well as other opportunities that are available or become available in the future.

We Charge a % Commission for tickets sold for events that we Co Promote and this is agreed with the event organisers and promoters prior to an event being listed on our site and being promoted. The usual rate is 10% of ticket cost, but this can vary depending on the event, those that are Free, are promoted free of charge but must have free tickets for the event listed on Fatsoma for us to do so.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at promotes@in-the-uk.com and we will be happy to reply.
We hope to provide you with all the events you need.


In The UK Team