Special Events Outside the UK
Special Events Outside the UK

For the latest Ticketed Special Events Outside the UK check the details below. Do you want your event promoted on our page and via social media? Contact us to find out more. All events on our regional pages will also be included on the home page In The UK.

If you already have an event on Fatsoma and would like us to co promote via Special Events Outside the UK and in the UK you can request to list and send an invite via the Fatsoma Special Events Outside the UK page.

We pride ourselves on helping to promote a range of events any where around the world as long as they are Outside the UK they can including Nights Out, Festivals, Comedy, Sporting events, Business and Networking, Charity, hotel stays and more.

All events are Co Promoted events with a % of tickets sales collected by In The UK as a commission rate.

We are happy to also help promote Events that are listed on other ticketing websites but we would prefer to use Fatsoma platform as we have a great understanding and the support from them is of the highest standard. With a flat rate % charged for ticket sales or no charge for free events all organisers know the costs involved.

We also Co Promote some events that are through other ticket sellers. Any Co Promoted events that are through alternate ticket website may appear below.


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If you would like us to Co promote an event on a platform such as Eventbrite please get in touch via Promotes@in-the-uk.com so we can discus if it is possible and confirm a % per ticket commission.

To keep up to date on what events are being promoted across the In The Uk Brand by follow the social media accounts below

Freshers Tickets for Events in Scotland

So we have finally been able to put together a full list at the time of this post of all the Freshers tickets for events in Scotland that we are helping to co-promote. We are again working closely with event organisers and directly with venues that allow us to help...

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